A downloadable game for Windows

Stumbling upon a mysterious island by boat, you explore what it offers.

This is a work in progress and was originally made as part of a university assignment, but it's something I'd like to keep working on. So please don't hesitate to provide any feedback or contact me, it's all helpful!

There are a few bugs that I'm aware of but unable to fix:

  • Using the elevator spins the character around
  • Sometimes the player gets stuck clicking a switch
  • Audio doesn't fade between the two areas
  • Clouds don't fade out and abruptly disappear


W = Forward

A = Left

S = Backwards

D = Right

Space = Jump

Shift = Run

LMB = Interact

Mouse = Look around

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MustDeath

Install instructions

Extract the .zip file and start the .exe to begin playing. Use 1920x1080 resolution if possible for the best results!


The Tower_IVG_Build.zip 146 MB


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Hello there! I played it and it looks pretty amazing so far. I'm making Let's play (pretty new to it as well) and wanted to ask if it's okay if I upload the gameplay I made of course with an link to the game. It was a pretty nice experience although it quite short but nevermind that I had fun playing it and I think it got potential!

Hey, thank you! Yeah go head and feel free to upload anything! It's no problem at all.

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thank you very much :3 here's the link to my gameplay
if you'd like, check it out