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i cant play the game normaly becuz of the sensivity but still good game.i cannot lower my mouse sensitivity

I'll add a mouse sensitivity option to the list, thanks for giving it a go though :)!


Cool concept.  Really love the game area. The actual spray painting mechanics could use a little work though.  Maybe you could add stencils and the ability to change the size of your spraying area. Covered a similar game a while ago, maybe you could get some pointers from that: 

This is a really cool and good idea, thanks for showing me this :). 

Wonderful idea, while I was streaming you released it and I had to try it right out. I love the idea even though the spray cans could be more realistic (with velocity and so) and also a little bit bigger as often you cant fill these canvas. Well done and incredible that you made a multiplayer mode

Hey thanks so much for playing and the feedback! Definitely want to add those suggestions in (particularly with making the sprays can more realistic), the networking just ate up a lot more time than I thought it would in the end.