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The walls are bare. Give. Them. Colour.

As a floating spray can you've discovered a goldmine: an empty and under construction museum. Go in alone or with friends and give this bare museum a splash a colour and populate the empty canvases with your life bringing art.

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Playground is my submission for the A Game By Its Cover 2018 game jam. If you find any bugs please let me know and I'll be sure to fix them as fast as I can. Any kind of feedback is welcome also!

This is the Famicase cover I used for inspiration:

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Mouse / Keyboard | Gamepad (Xbox One Controller)

Movement: W, A, S, D | Left Thumbstick

Looking: Mouse | Right Thumbstick

Sprint: Left Shift (Hold down) | Left Thumbstick Button (Hold down)

Jump: Spacebar | A

Switch Colour: 1-0, Mouse Wheel | Left and Right Bumper

Switch Texture: Q and E | X and B

Menu: Escape | Start

If you don't own an Xbox controller but another gamepad download https://github.com/x360ce/x360ce

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  1. Click the Multiplayer button.
  2. Write into the input field a server name.
  3. Click the Create Game button.
  4.  Now any of your friends can join by clicking the Multiplayer button and clicking on your server in the list on the right. If it doesn't show up for them, they may need to click the Refresh button below.


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

Playground_v1.02_Windows.zip 19 MB
Playground_v1.02_MAC.app.zip 23 MB
Playground_v1.01_Windows.zip 19 MB
Playground_v1.01_MAC.app.zip 24 MB
Playground_Windows.zip 19 MB
Playground_MAC.app.zip 24 MB

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how bad are your servers dude jesus christ it lagged so badly with 1 person

There is a non online mode you can use if just playing by yourself! The servers are Unity's that are not upgraded which is why they'd be acting up. Might look at a hosting system if it's a big issue. 

Cross platform game w/a guy on windows (I'm on fedora linux) kept resulting in crashes and lag, none of which were there before they joined the game


Ah sorry about that! Did it crash as they joined or was it happening while playing?

The game became pretty laggy as they joined and then crashed soon after


I'm getting an error trying to make a devlog post but have added camera sensitivity and smoothing in v1.02! Head over there to download it to use these new options. 

Thanks all so much again for trying out this game!

I know someone else has commented on it, but the mouse sensitivity makes me feel a little nauseous. It would be more fun if it didnt feel like my character was simultaneously 5 seconds behind and 15 seconds ahead. Other than that, it seems like a fun concept to try on a controller, where maybe the sensitivity is better. Looking forward to everything you create!


Hey, have added some options for this in the latest update (v1.02). I hope this fixes it, if not please let me know!

Very fun, thanks for the update!! I've been playing around in it a lot more now that it's updated, and can say with honesty that it's fun and easier to play the game now. 

For anyone who has future problems with this issue:
Turning up your resolution seems to help a lot!


Awesome thanks, I'm glad :D! I'll make sure to look at this issue with the resolution helping with the sensitivity, seems a little strange that would happen.

I think the sensitivity doesnt scale to the resolution, since the window is smaller the mouse moves faster across the screen.  I'm not sure how this would be fixed, or if it's something that's replicable on other hardware, but that's my best guess.

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i cant play the game normaly becuz of the sensivity but still good game.i cannot lower my mouse sensitivity


I'll add a mouse sensitivity option to the list, thanks for giving it a go though :)!


Hey, have added some options for this in the latest update (v1.02). I hope this fixes it, if not please let me know!


Cool concept.  Really love the game area. The actual spray painting mechanics could use a little work though.  Maybe you could add stencils and the ability to change the size of your spraying area. Covered a similar game a while ago, maybe you could get some pointers from that: 

This is a really cool and good idea, thanks for showing me this :). 

Wonderful idea, while I was streaming you released it and I had to try it right out. I love the idea even though the spray cans could be more realistic (with velocity and so) and also a little bit bigger as often you cant fill these canvas. Well done and incredible that you made a multiplayer mode

Hey thanks so much for playing and the feedback! Definitely want to add those suggestions in (particularly with making the sprays can more realistic), the networking just ate up a lot more time than I thought it would in the end.